Thursday, January 26, 2012

Question On: *How Much Hour should   I Practice the Guitar?*
It’s generally heard that the more time you give the more result you have. Standard practicing is recommended at a 30 minutes/day or 90 minutes a week. Many guitar learners would say that this is not much of enough practice time; they don’t feel the growth even after giving 1 hour.
I would say that this is because the right practice is not yet clear to them. Attend a guitarmonk session and you will know that how 30 minutes will be more than a student will be able to bear. It’s a workout indeed. I sometimes see that most students are not even compatible for more than 15 minutes workout. They need rest. This is job of your teacher, has to be professional enough to offer you practice regime. So let’s first absorb these 3 tips
Tip # 1 If you are a beginner, your first few months of practice should be able to grab your guitar for 5-10 minutes session anytime and whenever, and as many times as you can. Say to divide your session in 10 minutes. Pick in night, morning, lunch time. You are developing your finger dexterity so connection to your guitar as often and rest makes your finger adaptive to harder workout later. Crucial point is to develop finger stamina, assess finger state (soreness Vs pain) and practice with awareness. Take rest if it pains but when I say pain – see whether it’s normal stretching or just demand of relaxation? You have to make sure that it’s not overly tensed muscle due to wrong guitar or improper practice regime.
Tip # 2 Guitar learning is not a rat race or competition. Don’t compete to any one, just to yourself. Your fingers physical sensitivity, your mental receptivity is your individuality and start pillar. Don’t move astray from it else it will be unnatural. Be yourself and understand your development process. As a future learned guitarist, your playing will represent your individuality so why not pick it from the beginning?
Tip # 3 Some people take guitar practice time as an agenda of unwinding themselves from hectic schedule. This is undoubtedly great indeed and Infact one of the objective. But also note that you are yet building up your stamina, finger dexterity. So practice connectivity is crucial and rewarding. Once you have crossed a lot of steps and developed lots of skills, the practice is not same. So Note it that your practice changes with time.
2ndly, most working people are so busy enough that the above philosophy of unwinding themselves at right time basically becomes delay of practice.
So picking guitar for five or ten or 15 minutes here or there is not of a much effort but helps you in a “cumulative” effect of having gained development. So my advice is that you should pick both model of practicing, unwinding and remote playing of 5-10 minutes.
 "...holding a guitar not as an agenda, this is your guitar come-on, love it and hold it as many times, have fun with it, don’t count your smiles, just strum it, either before sleeping or take it at lunch time, and also place guitar at a position where you can find it quickly. Enjoy these 3 tips until I bring some more perspectives in practicing..."

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